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Vincent High-End Bi eller single-Wire Kabel - 2 x 1,5 m.

Vincent High-End Bi eller single-Wire Kabel - 2 x 1,5 m.

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Her er det fineste høj kvalitets (no nonsens) Vincent kabel til prisen - lavet af opdelte inderledere, af kraftige solidcore, 4 stk. pr. side, som er snoet for at kunne transmittere de mest kraftige signaler. Uden om disse er der multiskåret for bedre opløsning, og højt dielektrikum.

Vincent kablerne er forberedt for BI-VIRE, og der er med medfølgende bananstik og kabelsko, så alt kan tilpasses, uanset hvad HiFi produkter man kan ønske sig.

Her et super højtaler kabel fra Vincent, som klart vil kunne forbedre dit stereoanlægs lyd endnu mere.........Anbefales kun til bedre HiFi.......

Længde: 2 x 1,5 meter.

In use

The Vincent Premium is a true highend in its appearance. Without knowing its price one would guess thousand euros per meter. The cable is strongly inspired by Furutech’s Lineflux and Speakerflux cables: it combines black nylon, decent golden threads and carbon fiber-glass clamps outlined by chrome.

Despite the cable is very sturdy and wear-proof it surprised with very good bend radius of 45mm. The cable in test was terminated in gold plated bananas – the springs of the bananas did not have such a firm grip as those of the Oehlbach or Xindak, however, and needed to be checked for the connection perfection occasionally. I therefore recommend using spades instead for which Vincent provides an instant solution: in the box you will find both type of terminations and it is a matter of few seconds to unscrew the bananas and replace them with the spades.


The Vincent is a confident and competent cable and I did not experience an issue no matter what I paired it with. Deep lows are the most convincing element of the Vincent’s sound – they extend deep and with their punch they outperform the competitors in the Vincent’s price category and were excellent in the context of the mid-tier cables too. If the bass of the Vincent Premium could be decoupled from the cable and grafted onto another cable I would not hesitate to do that. The cables like the Black Rhodium Emperor DCT++ would greatly benefit from it. The finer dynamic scaling (micro-dynamism) is the only thing that separates the Vincent’s lows from the ones of the referential Krautwire Fractal – the other elements like attack and depth or comparable. Not only is the bass of the Vincent well contoured but it is fast too, and smoothly integrated with other frequencies as well. The electric bass of Roger Waters and the Nick Mason’s kick drum in Young Lust radiated energy and INXS swept my room with lively and expressive performance of Devil’s Party.

Well, the Vincent Premium has its limits and although it looks highend it is not highend yet. I missed finer textures, more colorful harmonies, more sound highs and more expanded dynamics, but who cares, especially when it can entertain so enthusiastically? The soundstage extended well behind the plane of speakers and to the sides, the depth is not as realistic as with the best cables in the test, however. I would not use the Vincent for classical stuff or big bands (the Rapport could be a good alternative for its richer portrayal of the orchestral sound) but it is perfectly at home with rock, pop and jazzy numbers.

Considering excellent workmanship and the price, the Vincent Premium speaker cable is a great performer.